Locker preference

Todd Ockert

If you do a lot of street driving, selectable like you want are good.
Between an air locker like the ARB or the electric Eaton locker, I think you have to look at the price.
The ARB also requires you to install a pump to activate the locker.
The Eaton would only require a switch and electricity to activate.
Both have their pro's and cons though.
I have a Detroit locker in the rear of my Jeep, so it is pretty much always engaged.
I think if I had to pick one of the two, it would be the electric locker even though I do have an ARB air compressor under the hood of the Jeep.


The NotARubicon

Jeep Owner
I went with e-lockers.. Simple to set up, less things to go wrong vs air (compressor, hoses, fittings blowing out or being pinched).. and way easier to fix a wire or a fuse on the trail than it is to fix a hose, compressor, or fitting.
e-lockers take a few seconds/you have to roll a few feet to "ramp in" .. air lockers engage immediately...


Jeep Newb
I'm still running open diffs for now, but I spent many hours researching, reading and watching videos on the subject. I came away convinced e-lockers were the way I want to go.

El Sanchimoto

Jeep Owner
I don't have any real complaints with my e-lockers.

Like NotARubicon said there's a little lead-in time until they're activated but I have yet to be in a situation where I needed them and they didn't work.


Jeep Newb
I'm leaning towards an OX Locker for my build, probably with an electronic actuator. I like the idea of a cable instead of an air line or wire. The OX also comes with a "drive away" plug that you can use if the cable fails.


Jeep Newb
I’ve driven with both. I prefer e lockers all day. Simpler system. Less support equipment to fail. If I did make a switch in the future it would be to a Detroit locker simply because it’s foolproof and I drive less than 5,000 miles a year on pavement.


Jeep Newb
I like selectable. I've had welded up diffs, Detroit lockers, other lunch box lockers...

I have helped set up OX lockers before and it takes some fine tuning adjustments to get them dialed in right. Once dialed in, it's a solid set up.

I have no experience with an E-locker.

I have the yukon zip locker in my front and rear now. It's an air locker comparable to the arb stuff.

I absolutely love them. Zero complaints. I have had a fitting at the axle come loose, easy fix. It comes with a repair line, I also ran the air lines in rubber hose to protect it.

mac 'no regerts' gyvr
Wheeled with open/open. Learned to pick lines
Put a Spartan in the front. Made life so much easier. Could pick the more challenging lines.
Switched to E-lockers front and back. Now I'm ready for all driving conditions and can do the hardest trail lines.


Jeep Newb
At this point I am going with e-lockers when I do it. I don’t see enough of an advantage going with air lockers with the added expense of the air compressor, etc. I have also seen people who have issues with leaking air fittings and lines breaking on the trails. ARB also uses a weird size hose that is not readily available. I think it is 5 mm...

Rick Grimes

Jeep Newb
How do you like the Core 44 and are you running the Rubicon model?
No, I have a sport. Thats why I am switching axles. I haven't got it yet, but I talked to the rep at the Off Road Expo and he said the 44 and Eaton are not compatible because the axles that come with the 44 are 35 spline while the Eaton Locker is 30..... or something like that. I then went by the Eaton booth, asked why they don't make a 35 spline they said the material in the carrier would be to thin for durability. I was crushed... I wanted to go Eaton but, I can't.


Jeep Owner
I’ve been running a 35 spline Arb for years with no issues. I plan on upgrading housings to ensure/insure that streak.