Locker preference


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I am going with e-lockers. Actually I am going with the Ultimate 44 running 4.56 gears and a e-locker. Will be putting 4.56 gears and a e-locker in the rear.


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I’ve heard of a lot of air lockers failing. I think a e locker is more dependable.
Typically when you hear of an air locker failure, it is the air line that has actually failed, not the actual locker itself. You hardly ever hear of an ARB locker failing...but broken air lines seem common, and when the air line is down, the locker is down.

I am a fan of E lockers as far as selectable go. I like the Yukon. The Eaton seem to have a weird lag in their locker that can be a little odd.

My current set up is a selectable Yukon in the front, Detroit in the rear. Hard to beat a Detroit for ease of use and durability, and they aren't bad on the street. But if I did a lot of street miles, a rear selectable would be the way to go as many others have said.

El Sanchimoto

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The Eaton seem to have a weird lag in their locker that can be a little odd.
Yeah there is always a little lead in/out time on mine from when I hit the button, though it's never been too bad and I've no experience with any others so I have no basis of comparison.


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TJ with Rubi and G3 Core 44s. I'm in Washington state, where it rains, a lot. Also drive to ski area so E lock in front was no brainier, I spend May in Moab, then 3 months in the fall Moab, St G, Parker etc wheelin nearly every day. E locker has been fantastic. I went with the TruTrac LSD in back and have absolutely no complaints. The TruTrac is fantastic on the snow and in the rain. On SlckRock I can feel it sending power to the side with most traction. The LSD lets me corner without getting bound up on tight trails where I really want to be locked. I am sure there are lots of ways to go, but for me this combo works well. Jeeped w Matson and Cory at MJ Moab last year, they seem to think it did OK.