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We created this forum to help the North American Motorized Recreation Council post notes and discussions (for the record, or just informally).
An intro... some of you guys might know me already.
I am a long time motoryclist, starting with a Bonanza mini bike in 1970 and went thru the progression of bikes that was prevalent back in the day. I currently have three dirt bikes (two electric!), a motard and a sportbike. A Range Rover was recently added to the stable, but mostly for transporting the wife. I haven’t been wheeling yet, though the avatar is at Hollister / Hudner.

I started the activism thing in 2001 when United Technologies shut down the Rocket Ranch on Metcalf Road. I wanted it to become part of our Motorcycle County Park. I’ve been banging my head against the wall ever since.
I once started a list of organizations and clubs that participated in motorized recreation. It was pretty long. I tried to contact many and even went to a few meetings. It was pretty time consuming.

Someone must be doing this already. BARF is actually an AMA club, so I started there. I eventually gave up.
I can’t seem to stop myself from doin something though.

Why have we not reopened Clear Creek yet? Surely Kamela Harris would help us.