Tow Rigs - Old versus New


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So I believe this will be a subjective question, but what is everyone’s thoughts on having an old versus new tow rig? I use a ‘95 F250 with 0 issues for my needs.

Todd Ockert

We use a Chevy 1500. We have had 0 issues with it, other than it is gas, and we are slow going up the big hills.

I have used my Dad's F350 once, it is was night and day difference.



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My 31 year old tow truck, my Ford F250 4x4 finally died at 21,000 miles of hard use. So NOT that old; but old can be gold.


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My 31 year old tow truck, my Ford F250 4x4 finally died at 21,000 miles of hard use. So NOT that old; but old can be gold.
21k miles! It died cause you didn't Drive it lol

I am a big fan of the early 90's Super Duty's. I have seen a surge here lately of them being restored with a touch of modern. Old saying is, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."


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I’ve had a ‘97 CTD, it was loud and I was always concerned about the trans holding up. It was a solid truck but Chrysler transmissions suck👎
Had a 2006 CTD and loved it till 2008-9 crash
Now have a 2017 CTD and it’s a nice truck. The creature comforts are nice. Fuel mileage isn’t great compared to a 5.9 and to be honest.....truck payments just suck! I’d love to get rid of it and suffer for a bit to eventually pay cash for a 5.9 Cummins


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I ran an old 95 Powerstroke all over the southeast for years. When the diesel boom came I got too much money for it and put it on a 2016 Cummins.

The older truck did everything I needed it to, but the newer one does it easier and more quiet.


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I used to tow with a 2000 Ford Excursion. The v-10 had good power and terrible gas mileage.

But, I'm going to go against the grain.

I just bought a 2018 F150 with the 2.7 eccoboost in June. I towed to Moab, UT from Northern, IN in October. The truck worked amazingly well. I do have a weight distribution hitch setup on it. There was plenty of power. I climbed the mountains west of Denver on I70 w/o issue. I averaged 11.5 mpg hand figured over the course of the 3500 miles round trip (we came back on I40 due to snow on I70...truck is 4x4, but towing a trailer in the mountains in the snow didn't sound like much fun).

I have no regrets about buying this truck. Plus my wife daily drive's it and gets 17-20 mpg with mixed highway and city driving.

This pic is from the rest area at the top of vail pass. I stopped because we were caravaning with others and a few of the other tow rigs in the group needed to cool off, I would not have stopped otherwise.
Photo Oct 07, 15 09 58.jpg

We sold the excursion a week after buying this truck.

mac 'towing with twins....turbos' gyvr