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So a couple weeks back I bent my ram. Once I did some measuring, I found my ram to be too long. Typically a Super Duty axle has an 8” throw. I have a Fusion Super Duty and I found out it measures out to 6.5” throw. Question is, have any of you took a grinder to the steering stops on the knuckles? What is the max throw a standard JK box can handle? I have a WTO plumbed factory steering box. Looking for ways to get the most out of my steering.

photos for reference.


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According to another manufacture, they say that the steer stops can be ground down to a desired length, but you must grand them down a small bit at a time and not completely off. As for the exact distance of clearance, I've yet to locate this. I would consult the axle manufacture for this information.

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I know talking to most guys with the 05+ stuff we are seeing 9-9.75" rams. I know that a few guys are running the weld on steering mounts for the knuckles and that changes angles a lot too. Mine cycles a 9" ram with the Reid SPK.

Is the steering at the knuckle matching the pitman arm travel?