Sixteen Years Ago Today - We Will Never Forget


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Many of us know where we were on this day sixteen years ago. That day changed many of our lives, some more than others. For many, this is a day of mourning. A day to reflect on what a hero is. A day when many Americans had no words for what had happened.

Since then, where have we been, where are we going, and why are we going there.

We have been fortunate enough to visit New York twice in the last two years. Each time, we went to the 9/11 memorial. We have watched it grow, watched people cry when they find a loved ones name, and watched crowds go through the museum.

Please take a second to remember those days. remember that we, Americans, stood proud with our Fire Fighters and Police. We were a nation of one.

We still are a nation of one, I promise you. Even if the news or social media does not tell you that. We are. God Bless



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Amen! I was walking to my senior art class when the first tower was hit. Even though I was halfway across the nation, I can remember being terrified and not sure what was going on. Please make sure to thank a police officer and fireman every chance you get. They saved America that day and allowed us to unit in a way that hadn't been done since WWII. [emoji631]

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Resurrecting an old thread here, but I thought I'd pipe up with my experience from this year.

Seventeen years after we promised we'd "never forget", our local newspaper contained no mention of either of the 9/11 attacks (Twin Towers/Pentagon or Benghazi) until you got to the second comics page, in the "this day in history" syndicated blurb.

I was so incensed I called & cancelled my subscription. I told the unfortunate young man who had the unenviable task of listening to my rant there is no excuse for this. Pearl Harbor gets a front-page mention every Dec 7th, as it should, but the worst terror attack in our nation's history is purged from memory in a mere seventeen years.

You may be able to detect from the tone of this post, I'm still fuming about this...almost a month later. :mad: