Naming Your Jeep... or not?


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Many Jeeps have names... many don’t. Do YOU name your Jeeps? Is so, what and why? If not, what do you call it and why don’t you?


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Mine is Jackhammer. Main reason is because I’m a huge fan of a band called Coheed and Cambria and in there story line there is a battleship called a Jackhammer. Secondly...Jackhammers dominate rocks and that’s what I want my Jeep to do.
THAT is a great name.


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The Black Spur

It's a play on "The Black Pearl". I'm a Spurs fan, GSG, it's black with silver accents, plus I have a silver skull and crossbones next to my .50 cal antenna42DF4B5E-59EA-4E6D-976C-021A9820D241.jpeg
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I like Jeeps that have names because it gives it character and I like to hear the owners story behind it. Mine is named YETICLOAK, simply because its all white like the Abominable Snowman and its a full Metalcloak build.


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I call my Jeep the Red Baron. Took a long time to decide on a name...came up with that because well, one, its red, lol. Im also a pilot so thought a WWI ace was suitable for a name. I also got the nickname #TheRedTurtle because I highcenter a lot since I havent lifted it any yet...all my friends give me shit because I got stuck dropping off a 3' ledge when it was bone stock and say I get stuck going downhill.


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Gotta have a name took a while to decide but TJMAX on the TJ since its a TJ and I am a Max
still undecided on the JK we got last summer since my wife drives it she wants a girly name
Girly name, huh? Here’s some suggestions:
Twinkle Tires
Hot Mess