LANDUSE UPDATES: Land Use and the Love Month


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Flashback Fun with the “Love Month,” by ModernJeepers Del & Stacie Albright

February is here and a great month. Some call it the “love month,” what with Valentine’s Day and sunshine on the way. Seems to us there is also a lot of November birthdays out there (get it?)! But writing for the “love” month gets us a little on our soapbox.

When it comes to land use and public access, love is not a word we use very often. Love our recreation? Yes, of course. Love those who want our form of recreation dead and buried? We do not think so. But there is that message we hear from religious leaders — love thy neighbor.

We suppose we could apply that thinking to land use and recreation. Can we forgive those who trash our reputations (via our means of recreating)? Can we learn to “love” our neighbor when they want us thrown off public land? Do we turn the other cheek when some vocal minority group uses bad science, lots of money, and many brainwashed, partially informed zealots to advocate and pursue their form of personal self-interest to the detriment of us?

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