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ARTEC JL Front Inner Fenders
PREORDER - Shipping begins 3/16
Freedom Edition, Vented, Solid desings All Avalaible to Pre Order

Run Larger Tires We tested with a 37x13.50x20 on a Stock JLUR !

Artec Industries is excited to announce our new JL Front Inner Fenders. These aluminum fenders not only protect your engine compartment from dirt and debris but do it in style. Our proprietary process of stamping our logo not only adds an additional element of style not seen in the industry but also increases the rigidity of the whole inner fender. In addition, the laser cut vents keep your engine compartment cool and don't require you to bolt on an extra piece of mesh material. All this at a PHENOMENAL PRICE and manufactured in-house which means its MADE IN THE USA!


Allows use of larger tires...tested with no lift and 37" tires with no rubbing
Proprietary A-blade stamping process for increased rigidity and mackdaddy status
Lightweight 1/16" Aluminum construction
CNC laser cut and CNC bent for precise fit
Can easily be trimmed for use with coilovers or bumpstops without ruining the vented area (or see No-Cutout Versions)
Compatible with Trimmed OEM fenders
Laser cut venting means no extra pieces of material to bolt on
Two main piece construction for lower cost of shipping
Pressed PEM nuts on seam between pieces for easy installation
Covers gap between outer body sheetmetal and inner body sheetmetal
Extra bottom flange directly behind wheel prevents grime from getting inside the gaps in the undercarriage sheetmetal
Price is per pair - Includes Passenger and Driver side inner fenders
Shipped bare unfinished aluminum for decreased cost and ability for you to paint or powdercoat to fit your style**
NOTE: While all precautions are made to ensure the aluminum surface is protected, small scratches from either the raw material from the factory, the manufacturing process, or the shipping process may be present in this UNFINISHED product. We recommend you finish this product with either painting, powdercoating or another similar process and prepare the surface prior to finishing as you would normally to remove any minor blemishes.


Jeep Newb
My 1st 9 mods on the JL:

1. Bestop Sunrider for hardtop. It is awesome and worth every dime.
2. 35" tires. The fact that you can put 35" on a stock Rubicon is awesome!
3. Tazer JL. A must have to calibrate the speedometer and shift points with bigger tires + ability to shut off the auto start/stop.
4. Rancho differential glide plates. Being proactive before I hit the diffs.
5. Rancho shock/control arm skids. Being reactive since I keep hitting the shocks.
6. Mopar lift + Rock Krawler spring correction pads. Went with Mopar to keep the warranty valid but love the fox shocks and am getting 3" of lift.
7. Steersmarts Yeti front track bar, to re-center the axle after the lift and to get rid of the weak stock track bar.
8. Fox steering stabilizer. A must have before the stabilizer recall. Probably not necessary for those who have had the recall.
9. Rock Slide Engineering step sliders. Love them!

Pics on my instagram page: @1941_to_2018