I want your ideas spending 5k on TJ Metalcloak parts


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To help make this kinda fun. I want your guys input on how to spend $5,000 on Metalcloak products! And how should myself, Metalcloak and Cloakworks show it being installed?
What lift kit?
What armor?
What other miscellaneous parts?
How should we go about showing the build progress?
Done in a legitimate shop with a vehicle rack?
Or done in my garage at home?

(Sidenote. I already have MC front and rear bumpers and rockers)

Go on the MC website and post a link here in this post what you think we should install and let’s have some fun with this!!



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I don't know if you've been on the CTI trailer for articulation testing, but I would think you could sure make hay with a Game Changer suspension; filmed installation would be awesome.


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I haven’t. Never found a need to being I have a junky procomp kit on it now that came with it when I bought the Jeep. It would be good to do a before and after though
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Todd Ockert

I have their TJ short arm suspension. The Jeep rides great and performs exceptionally well on the trails.
Upgrading your suspension will help the Jeep handle better on the road and off.

If you do not have any extra protection on your oil pan or gas tank, I would get those installed also.
I know from looking at your threads here, you are doing more overlanding type trails, and more protection for the oil pan and gas tank is always necessary just in case things get rough on the trails.

The short arm kit can be installed in your driveway, but I might let them install it at CloakWorks though.

Just my thoughts.



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I would get the long arms and six packs. Any skids you can add is a plus. Personally I would like to see more of “at home” installs for the everyday Joe. But that is me. Oh yeah....overline fenders🤘🏻


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I’m still torn between the long or short arm. Short would be good for the majority of what I am doing. But who knows what the future holds.
And I’ve been a auto tech for 27 years. If I do short arm, I’ll do it at home.
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I say do it at home, and document every minute of it. Set up a camera in the garage and let us join on the fun.

My suggestion: Start with a game changer lift. Then under armor. If you have money left over consider either drive lines or fenders