BFG Mud or all terrains


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I currently have 35" BFG Mud terrains. I'm going to 37's but going back and forth on BFG Mud vs all terrains. My current mud terrains are fine and have been great but it is a rougher ride. I have not seen what the all terrains look like on a JKU. Any thoughts on those that may have tried both of these tires?

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Todd Ockert

I currently have the KM2's (mud terrains) on my Jeep.
A few years ago it had the KO's (All terrains) on my Jeep, and in the hard granite we have on some of our High Sierra trails, they did really well.

On the snow and icy roads in the winter, they did exceptionally well, and better than the mud terrains.
I would gladly run the All Terrains again, but do like the aggressive look of the KM2's though.

I would say it would depend on your type of wheeling and how much trail/road use your Jeep gets.
Mine has become a trailer queen, and see's little road travel.



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I have been running the KO2’s for a while now and love them. I tend to put a lot of miles on and expect a lot from them on the trail. Couldn’t be happier with the wear!


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I have been running the ATs for 4 years. Great tires except in mud. Lots of tread left. They are small for 35s though. 37s are 35.5 I have heard.

El Sanchimoto

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I have the stock BFG KMs that came on my JKUR. I take it in to get them rotated every time I change my oil and so far I'm at 40k miles with decent tread left. I will likely be getting BFG KM2s once these wear out. Have considered KO2s but the KMs have performed so well for me where I wheel that I don't see a need to change.


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It's hard to go wrong with either tire. I've run them both.

The KM2 is an all-around good wheeling tire.

If you like something smoother and quieter, go with the KO2. They are also incredible in the snow.


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Not to Hi-Jack...well maybe. Anyone ran the Krawlers? How well do they do on the pavement

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Krawler reds will last maybe... 10k on pavement. Blue label will last you longer but aren't as sticky. If it's not a trail only rig with slight pavement use I would get the blues. Either krawler is a great tire.