Ball Joint helpful tool


Jeep Owner
So next week i will be putting on new unit bearings on my jeep and thought while i had it that far apart i would go ahead do the ball joints. So i went to napa and bought the ball joint tool and the guy said u know they make a add on pieces for just dodge and jeep ball joints. So i bought that also.Here is bleepin jeep video i found of him using it. I know lot people cuss the ball old ball joints trying to get them to break free or trying to get the tool to line up right. So here the part number for the add on parts kit for the ball joint tool.
OTC (7894) Jeep/Dodge Ball Joint Service Adapter


El Sanchimoto

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Good to know. I will be doing my ball joints very soon. My local O'reillys has the dodge/jeep adapter available to borrow so I'll make sure to do that.


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Great video. Thanks. I just had mine done last year. I wish I would have done it myself but at least I know it was done correctly.