What did you do to your jeep today?


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I thought that was the new anti-theft system!
So far it has worked extremely welll. Very effect, however the install was a little difficult.

Also, I never knew how soft asphalt really is until I put it up on stands. Sunk nearly an inch into it. Yikes!


Jeep Lover
Went over my jalopy grease wise to make sure all is good for my club's 4x4 safety clinic this Saturday. This'll be the first time on the trail since I got it back from the shop where I previously ripped off the axle side track bar mount and bent the upper control arm.

Todd Ockert

Reconnected the front drive shaft after we towed it behind our motorhome.
We have an Atlas installed, and they do not like to be flat towed. I have heard of a few Atlas's getting destroyed while flat towing a Jeep with one installed.

The pains of RV life with a modified Jeep.