Track Bar & Stabilizer Relocation Bracket


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JK Track Bar & Stabilizer Relocation Bracket

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This was a very easy install on your 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. So easy, I let my Nephew do the installation. The Jeep does not need to be lifted or supported off the ground for this installation. But before removing the old track bar, bungee or strap the steering wheel to the seat frame, Retraining the steering wheel, will keep the steering wheel centered throughout the installation. After removing the old track bar, measure from bushing sleeve to bushing sleeve (center to center) and transfer those measurements to the new Metalcloak track bar.

Once you've temp installed the new Metalcloak track bar, Use a solid or fixed location on the left & right coil spring perch, From here, measure out to the tire's edge. Both measurements should be the same or near the same. If the measurements are not the same, you'll have to remove the track bar at the axle mount and adjust the collar, reinstall, then check the measurements again. Then tighten the entire assembly to factory torque specs. In our case and because of our wheels/tires are set up, we ended up with 15.5 inches on both sides, so our jeep wrangler never moved or shifted.

Note: Measurements will differ based on your wheels and tire's width, backspacing & offset.

We're looking forward to installing more Metalcloak products in the near future.

For more information and to order your Metalcloak track bar: Durotrak Track Bar, Solid Chromoly, Front, JK Wrangler

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