Road Legal 4WD Association Events | Wisconsin


Jeep Newb
Greetings! So we started this thing under Wrangler Riders but then changed the main non-profit to the Road Legal 4WD Association help get more clubs going and provide them with the tools to get trails up and running. We run like a private registration program since Wisconsin doesn't have a public one yet and we're one of the largest networks of clubs in Wisconsin. We have a universal membership that is shared with local chapters so this means you join one thing and have access to all the local club events.

We're attempting to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle so we can get a public registration program in Wisconsin at some point. I was part of the process of doing this on the ATV side, then the UTV side and then we aided the process on the Off-Highway Motorcycle side, now we're doing it on the Jeep side. After 20 years of doing this stuff, we've meed a good amount of headway.

Over the last 2 years we've been around, we've been busy opening trails, teaching people, working with land managers, and trying to plan for the future in Wisconsin and beyond. During this time, we've opened 3 riding parks with trails, we've mapped out a good portion of the Southeastern Trails in Wisconsin and we plan to map everything else in the coming months, years. I could go on and on with everything we're doing but you can see it on the site.

In an effort to not swamp your forums with our events, I'll just come through and do some cleanup as events change with this one post. You're going to see a lot of events coming out in 2019 as we're now training trail guides to be able to take out their own groups for many more, smaller events on public and private trails. So the most current list of events will be at at all times.

GeoCrawl - through Oct. 28th. So we came up with this to run like a poker run without going to bars. You go to trails in the directory, snap some pics, take some videos and then submit them with a review. This acts like a poker run stop you'd see on a sheet but without the drinking and driving nonsense.

Fall Crawls - In order to hit all the public trails, we have a few free rides to hit as many trails in an area as possible. In Oct those are -

Oct 21st - Affogato Bar Kettles Color Crawl starts in De Pere, WI and goes all the way through the Kettle Moraine State Forest.
Oct 27th - Wisconsin River Fall Color Crawl Starts in Madison, WI and goes along the Wisconsin River trails we mapped.

Annual meeting and ride will be done on Nov 3rd. We could use some prizes from Metal Cloak on this one.
Annual Meeting and 2019 Planning Meeting Valders, WI

Nov. 25th 2018 Sheboygan Jaycees Holiday Parade Sheboygan, WI

Dec. 15th Wrangler Riders Toys for Tots Charity Fundraiser Valders, WI

Jan 11th 2019 Weekend ride at Camp Sinawa. Heated Cabins available January 2019 Ride

Then, we're trying to throw down a real crawler event Crawler Fest June 28th - July 4th 2019 as Wisconsin doesn't have one. It'll be vendors, show, crawling trails, training and workshops.

We're working on a few more larger events but mainly, the big events are going to be further apart so trail guides can get more trips, rides and training out there in smaller groups (about 5 rigs per trail guide).