Rear Brake Line Extensions vs. Longer Brake Lines Metalcloak 3.5" Springs / Arms

I just purchased the rear Metalcloak arms / 3.5" springs to upgrade from my 2.5" ones that I felt were a bit too low for my needs.

Any thoughts on whether the stock rear brake lines with the Metalcloak brake line relocation kit will work or if I should get longer brake lines? I basically upgraded to the 3.5" Game Changer by adding the rear arms / track bar.


Jeep Owner
I was worried about using the extensions on my lift, but they’ve been great so far. I currently only have the dual rate kit, and plan to upgrade to the full game changer in the near future, when I do I will be upgrading those rear brake lines, not because I will need extra travel (Although that might be the case with the greater articulation of the full game changer) but because I want the strength and durability of the Kevlar lines... far superior to the stock lines


Jeep Newb
I had the extensions for a while with 3.5" MC springs and no problems. Just changed over to longer lines last weekend, the extensions just kinda felt mickey mouse.