Quick Steering stabilizer replacement


Weekend Wheeler
yep, it looks like it was that time to do a quick replacement on my stabilizer as it seemed a bit leaky, probably from my Sierra Trek trip, but who knows:

Apart from the leakiness, there was also the issue of a bent stock stabilizer bracket, which I think happed a couple of years ago but never really addressed it. It's supposed to be straight and it was worse before I took it off to try to straighten it out with a sledge hammer but that only got me so far, so I figured, why not swap it out too.


I bought the same one as before, the Teraflex 9550 and on the old one, you can tell how much the bent bracket really tore up the older stabilizer and I'm thinking because of the way it was bent, it *might have made my stabilizer bottom out, hence the leaking but who knows. At least with the new bracket, I triple checked to make sure that it was in the middle of the tie rod and wasn't bottoming out.

There's not much to say in terms of installation as it's only 2 bolts, well 8 if you count the allen head bolts on the new bracket. But it's something that's super easy to do and can be done by anyone . here's the finished pic and so far so good. We