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Hi guys So recently ive replaced all my suspension with a metalcloak 3.5 inch lift, Ford 8.8 rear end, Teraflex extreme short sye, and adams offroad driveshaft. I am getting a mild to medium vibration between 30-40 MPH and am just wondering if that is still from my pinion angle. I set the lower control arms longer to correct the angle a bit but am wondering if i shorten the uppers will it fix the vibrations.IMG_1174.jpgIMG_1173.jpg


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Do you notice it more when you speed up or slow down?

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You need to shorten your top links. The best way to get this angle correct is to use a cheap angle gauge. They are less than 10 bucks and even a few bucks at harbor freight.

Remember, when you put items in your jeep, the back suspension drops, so always account slightly for that.


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YES! That dial gauge. BUT, you need to put it on a piece of the axle housing that is horizontal to the pinion shaft. Then attach it to the driveshaft. We like to set ours a few degrees low on the pinion angle to account for acceleration and people in the vehicle. Yours is currently set pinion high, so when you speed up or when you have people in the Jeep the pinion angle gets worse.

makes total sense since you are currently set up as pinion high. Bring the pinion shaft down.


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I have the same problem and I hate that I had to lower my skid plate to get it to stop I think next I’m going to try the engine mount spacers and see if I can get my ground clearance back


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When I did my 8.8 swap with Adams driveshaft SLE I put my pinion at 16 degrees now bear in mine all TJ s will be different but gotta start somewhere


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I was getting an odd vibration and it turned out that I still had a crossbar installed on my frame that should’ve been removed when I installed my lift.