Not Your Ordinary 12-volt Tool


Jeep Fanatic
Ten to fifteen years ago we saw a lot of junk 12-volt tools on the market. NiCAD tools did not give great power and sometimes the stigma of 12-volt tools not working well has stuck with them. Today, that is not true at all. Many of the 12-volt tools are smaller in size, meant to get into tight places and do the work many larger tools cannot. They have crazy amounts of power and come with great runtime. They are even brushless for the most part.

For a homeowner, all they need are 12-volt tools, but what most people do not see is that many people who install furnaces, work in electrical or even just do repairs all use the small 12-volt tools. They have thier own place in food chain for having the right tool for the right job.

Check out what the new M12 Milwaukee Fuel Drill and Impact Driver combo will do.



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12v tools are great for around the house. In fact it’s the only drill I have at the moment. Mine does perform less than desirable when drilling heavier gauge metal.

That M12 is pretty bad ass though. Lots of power in a small package.

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