New Mexico Chile Challenge


Jeep Newb
The New Mexico Chile Challenge is coming next month. The dates are 10 through 14 October, 2018. It is open to all 4x4 units, from stock to hard crawlers. More trails have been opened this year so everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy (??) themselves. The trail ratings have been changed to better reflect the rating systems used at other major off road events like MOAB. If you think you are interested, go to and obtain the details. Please make sure you read the trail rating system. (I didn't and found out the trail ratings are much harder than in past years.)

Todd Ockert

I was hoping to make this event.
It really is not that far away.

It is in the middle of the week, and not enough vacation time to attend this and do family vacations also.
Next year, it will be on my schedule though.
Might be able to talk Matson and the crew into letting me represent MetalCloak and ModernJeeper there.



Staff member
Looks like a helluva event. When I first read the title, I thought it was a chili cook off lol


Jeep Owner
Wed. — Green Canyon (Level 6)
Thurs. — The Narrows (Level 6)
Fri. — Backstage Pass (Level 7)
Sat. — Lost Boys (Level 7)

Wish me luck! :)


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This event is coming up again this year, Oct 16 - 19.
Looks like fun.
We have plans the weekend prior, or we would take some time off for this.

Wish it was on a long weekend.

This year I want some dang pictures. Yes I'm fat and I love chili. Its just makes sense that we cover this lol