Need some info on the True Dual Rate 2.5”


Jeep Newb
Hello all, new to the forum and relatively new to the JK.

I’ve got a stock 2016 JKR and would like to move up to some 35s but not sure what lift to go with. I’ve been leaning towards the true dual rate 2.5 and was curious if it would even be beneficial to go with the game changer 2.5 because I will only be running 315/70R17 (35/12.5) and it just seems like I would spend an extra $1000 for no reason. So my main question is besides for trimming the fenders will I rub anywhere else with the true dual rate 2.5 and 35s on a 17/8.5” or 9” wheel with about 4.25 back space?


Staff member
Hey Tedd. I don't see a reason why you need to do much more than what you proposed. I had ran 37's for a couple years with no lift. I would suggest that you trim your rear pinch seam. That can get into your tire when flexed. Going to the full system will allow to have a much better ride, better flex, and fix your pinion angle. Also, I don't think you will have to trim your fenders unless you want more up travel and the look.