MetalCloak Fender Flares


Jeep Newb
Anyone have an overlay of the fender coverage. Wanting to see the true difference on a top of the hood looking down over the fenders comparison of the different options. 4, 6 and 8.


Jeep Lover
Hey Tim, I don’t have any pictures of looking down from the top but here’s what I have on my phone. I can get some pictures looking down from the top of my 6” flares after I move some stuff that’s piled around the jeep 😂

The first three are of the 4” flare on the overlines. The tires are 33x10.5 for reference. I’m going to be switching to 35x12.5 when I finish my axles. The crew over at Metalcloak helped me out big time when I asked if I could trade these for the 6” version. A special thank you to Jon at MC.


I have the 6” flares on now which I think will be perfect when I put the 35x12.5’s on.



Jeep Lover
Awesome, That actually works perfect since you had both 4 and 6.
I loved the 4” but I knew as soon as I test fit them it wouldn’t work with 12.5’s. In Maine we have to have flares that cover the tire but I’ve always pushed it a little bit.