LCG vs Shock travel vs clearance, or, should i do a body lift?


Jeep Owner
So I'm currently running 35s with 1" bumpstop (on a JK). I'm moving up to 37s and will have to choose how to handle it. Add 1" bumpstop, or add 1" body lift.

What do you think?
1. Add bumpstop and decrease uptravel?
2. Add a body lift and raise COG?
3. Add a body lift and get shorter springs, maintaining current COG

Current shock travel is 7.5" up and down in the front, 7 up, 6 down in the rear. I would like a little more belly clearance and breakover angle, so I'm shying away from option 3 right now.


Wrench guy
My opinion, no body lift. Seen to many problems caused by them. Stretched wire harnesses, plastic pucks breaking or the aluminum ones crushing. And long bolts snapping off from frame twist while flexing.
Going to a true 37” tire will gain clearance you’re after. But then you’ll have tire fitment issues. High clearance fenders such as Metalcloak will cure that.


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Thanks. I actually already have some pretty high clearance fenders that I've done some cutting under also. So right now I'm as far as I wanna go there with the options available.

So, that's why I was debating COG vs shock travel.

From what I understood, a 1.25" body lift isn't much of a problem on a JK.


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I know this is an older post...but for those who may be in a similar position:
LCOG builds are the way to go. Lift little as possible, you dont need a crazy amount of up travel, droop is more important. With the 3.5" MC and 6paks, you have more than plenty lift and travel to be running 37s. Just trim those fenders a bit more, add a block to your bumps and make sure you get your axle centered in the wheel well best you can. You can also shave a good bit off your pinch seem and wont have to worry about rubbing the top of the rear wheel wells.
Also, never do a body lift. Asking for serious issues down the road with those.