King of the Hammers Dates announced! 02/07/2020


Jeep Lover
Hi all
Ultra4 racing has just announced the dates for the 2020 King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley: the main race will be on Friday, February 7th.
Here's the link to the Ultra4 KOH site
If you've never been to an off-road race ever, this is the one to go to! The best way to explain it is that it's like Burning Man but with 4x4s; a continuous week of 4x4 racing, wheeling and partying. The Johnson Valley area is very beautiful and between races, you can explore the area, check out the huge vendor area or go to the main obstacles and watch the carnage. Another great thing is that you really don't need a built up rig to go, just something with 4-wheel drive. The weather can be extreme, either really nice or hitting the low 20's at night.
I'll be going again for sure (I've been going since 2011), so if anyone has any questions, ask away. Here's some photos: