JL Transfer Case Modification


Jeep Newb
Interesting write up from Dynatrac, and their experience with the JL transfer case after swapping out front axles to one with no front-axle disconnect (FAD). Their TC refused to shift after the axle swap.


"The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL has many great, new features. It may be the most-capable Jeep Wrangler ever made. We dove right into this new model and built the first JL on 42s, named CODE1. Through our series of modifications which included Dynatrac ProRock axles and 42-inch tall tires, we ran across a situation where the transfer case may refuse to shift; specifically when the front axle is replaced with one that does not have front-axle disconnect (FAD).

The Jeep JL is equipped with a Magna transfer case. The transfer case uses a synchronizer to smooth shifts between high-range and low-range. Ironically, components of this synchronizer seem to be what keep the transfer case from shifting in certain situations.

By removing the synchronizers, blocker ring, detents, springs and check balls, we were able to resolve the issue.

While it’s too early for us to determine if all JL vehicles are affected when when adding larger tires or other modifications, in addition to aftermarket axles, we wanted to share this how-to article for those who run across the same issue."