Ask The Expert- JK Sahara Build


Jeep Newb
I'm starting to build my 2014 JKU Sahara that is completely stock except I have rear chromoly drive shafts because I had leaks on the OEM ones. I plan on doing the 3.5 MC GC lift (RockSport Edition). Adams 1310 front drive shaft. Regear to 4:88 to run the KMC beadlocks 3.5 backspacing with 37 inch tires. 37 12.50. I also am going to install the MC HD steering kit.

What else should I do? Can I hold off the rear drive shaft for a bit? I do plan getting a air locker eventually too. Chromoly shafts for the front?

Cloaked Willys

Jeep Fanatic
It sounds like you have a pretty solid plan. The only other thing I will recommend is looking into a set of flat fenders to allow for the 37's. The stock fender openings are a little small.