JK Cupholders


Jeep Owner
I’ve personally never had complaints about the cup holder size in the JK. After it, it fits my Camelbak water bottle snugly, BUT I recently picked up a larger Yeti insulated bottle that has no chance of fitting.
I know I could buy an “adapter” on Amazon and the bottle would sit above the cup holder, but I’m wondering if anyone has considered modifying the cup holder to fit much larger cups? Seems like it wouldn’t be that difficult... simply buy a larger cup insert and then cut the plastic in the center console to allow it to slide in place, right? Am I oversimplifying it?


Staff member
I would just get the insert. I honestly just use the large rambler and it works fine. For my yeti canteen thing I just throw it in the seat.

i would like to see what all would be needed to modify the cup holders. I would think you could dremel it out and drop in a larger cup holder. Not much in the way under it.


Jeep Newb
You said it yourself - its a bottle, not a cup. My biggest gripe is the position of the rear holder being so close to the center console lid. Know how many times I've pulled a Starbucks coffee cup out of there by the lid, since there is no room to grab it elsewhere when there is a cup in the front one... and nearly worn 4,000°F coffee on me?