Icon Tire Carrier install


Weekend Wheeler
Hi all, well a couple of months ago, I got rear ended and it bent my old CrawlerConceptz tire carrier a bit, so the insurance paid it off and I decided to go with the Icon Body Mount version (they are physically both the same as Icon bought out CrawlerConceptz) since I like how the tire carrier really held up over the years. Plus, there's not any rear bumper/tire carrier combo that I'm a fan of.
What you get in the box:
You get your tire carrier, brackets, hardware and license plate relocation bracket. For this I chose not to install the license relocation bracket as you have to take that off in order to get the spare tire off, and well, I'm lazy.


Not too much to say about this as it's mostly a one person install, but where you may need help is when you install the large tire carrier piece and you need to persuade it into the brackets.

Backing plate:

The link that connects the tailgate to the tire carrier here, it does take some adjusting to get it right but it's not a huge hassle by any means:


Weekend Wheeler
Here's the finished product:



Overall, I'm pretty happy with the tire carrier. Install took a couple of hours, no issues and on the upside, it works with my 3rd brake light and CB antennae mount. Also, it's great if you don't want to run a spare as you can use the tire carrier as a mount for all kinds of stuff.