How much does the JL Wrangler Weigh?


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Car and Driver tested the JL Wrangler back in December for weight and performance... and far different from the numbers provided by Jeep, the JL Wrangler seems to weigh MORE then the similar model JK...

Shedding pounds was one goal of the Wrangler redesign, but this maxed-out version crushed the scales to the tune of 4629 pounds. That's 50 pounds heavier than the manual Rubicon and 160 pounds more than the Sahara automatic. More surprising, it's also 121 pounds porkier than a JK Rubicon Unlimited we tested back in 2012.
This flys in the face of some manufacturers who seemed to have use the FCA press release to determine what components to use in their suspension, leading to bad or less then desirable performance.


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They are like CNN... they mix the truth with some fiction, and let you try and figure it out. I wouldn't be surprised if it weighs about the same. Not really important either.

Not headlining the glorious 8spd auto is quite a bit of oversight. It truly transforms the Wrangler JK vs the JL. They found a sentence to talk about it... geez. It's by far and away the largest reason to choose a JL, and overshadows some of the whoops such as the auto start garbage.

They totally missed the part about the latest axle changes. "The rest of the driveline is largely unchanged from the JK. The Rubicon comes with electronically locking front and rear differentials "