Honda Releases Pricing on the Talon


Jeep Owner
Personally I hate side-by-side‘s. 90% of the ones I encounter when I’m out on a trail leave me with a negative experience.
- they go way too fast, so it’s common to have a near accident
- they are super loud so they scare away the wild life and ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. There’s nothing worse than sitting quietly and enjoying a peaceful outdoor scene and then hearing the sound of a side-by-side off in the distance. That sound gets louder as it gets closer, and you realize that it’s not just the engine that’s making noise but they are blasting music as well.
- they can’t get to the trail by themselves, which means you need a truck and a trailer, making them much, much more expensive than a Jeep
- The personalities of the people that the three items above appeal to come with bad habits like yelling, smoking, drinking, littering, not respecting trail boundaries or vegetation, which often leads to the closure of a trail.

I hate side-by-sides.


Jeep Newb
While that stereotype exists for an overwhelming majority... hence the stereotype, I've got a few friends that I've gone out with a few times that only the too loud rule applies. Not sure you can get around that one unless you drown it in a puddle.

Other than that, I would say your percentage is a little low, maybe 95%