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JK HD Drag Link

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Another near perfect installation and product. However at one point I was concerned after seeing grease splurt out of all of the rubber boots thinking these boots were either dry rotted or damaged. But after cleaning the boot we notice a small hole between the seam of the boot. So don't panic if you see grease splurting out of the boot from this location.

One thing I was concerned with, while watching installation videos, more wrangler owners tended to allow the drag link to drop down almost hitting the tie rod as seen in this image:

In order to correctly mount our drag link, we propped the drag link up on a couple of logs from my nephews wood pile. This kept the drag link in the correct orientations or parallel with the tie rod without dropping or touching the tie rod. You may or may not be as particular as we are. But I felt it was worth a shot to keep the drag link up and out of the way from any future knocking.

One thing everyone needs to realize here while tightening the crown nuts. When lining up the crown nut slots with the cotter key hole, Always tight/torque the nut more than the recommend 50lb.s In other words, if your torque setting tightens the nut, but the crown nut slot is not lined up with the cotter key hole, then keep tightening the crown nut until one of the slots lines up the cotter key hole. Never loosen the crown nut or take the easy way out.