Got my Punk'n Gladiator!


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It took a little searching to get just the right one, but last month I became the proud PaPa of a Punk'n Gladiator Rubicon.

Gladiator at Dealership.JPG

Picked it up at Roberson Jeep in Salem, Oregon


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I will share the build in stages but here is the plan:

Color Matched Linex in Bed
Metalcloak 3.5" Game-Changer (of Course)
Metalcloak JT Gladiator rear bumper - 80% Gray Powdercoat
Metalcloak JT Gladiator Skid Plates
Metalcloak JT Gladiator Front Bumper #2404 - 80% Gray Powdercoat
Metalcloak Overland Rocker & Flip Step
Black Rhino Garrison Beadlocks - Custom Color
Milestar 38" Patagonia MTRs
Adventure Rack Systems A Pillar Hoop and Kat Walk
Adventure Rack Systems Hinge Steps

I plan on splitting the fenders for now and running Metalcloak Inner Fender wells and American Adventure Labs fender support kit for now.