Forced Induction 4.0


Jeep Newb
Just helped a buddy install that Boosted Tech SC on his 4.0 a week ago. He doesn't have the tuning complete yet due to an issue with his PSC steering pump mount flexing under load and allowing the serpentine belt to get off. If you have a PSC steering pump there is an issue he is having to work through.

In a few test runs he said he thinks he will be happy with the power but no real comment yet until he finalizes the tune.


Jeep Newb
Looking forward to reading how the install goes. I have yet to read a review by anyone that has done a stroker, V-8 swap, turbo unit or a supercharger that was not problematic in some respect. From heating issues to drivability to constant tuning, it seems like problems are the norm. I hope that this unit does not have those problems. The best "turnkey" results that I have heard about seem to be from the Banks turbo system. Good luck on this and wishing you great success!


Jeep Newb
I have had the above one for a few years on my LJ. I was pretty early took a little tuning which they did free. Works pretty well now. I am in Moab this week if anyone wants to see it or ride.