Esprit de Four 4x4 Safety Clinic


Jeep Newb
With 40 new and eager students, the Esprit de Four 4x4 club our bi-annual 4x4 safety clinic last Saturday at Hollister OHV park. This day of instruction is primarily tailored to introduce those with little- or no-experience to off-road driving safety and trip planning. Those with more experience will come away with the knowledge that there is more to four wheeling than simply shifting into 4WD. By the end of the day, students will get a better feel for what they and their vehicle are capable of while driving in the various types of terrain found in our forests and wild lands. The students are also educated on how various groups such as Tread Lightly and Cal4Wheel help to keep our lands open to the public and how to maintain the trails.
All types of 4x4 rigs are welcome and this year we had a nice mix of old and new Jeeps, FJ’s, 4 Runners and even a couple of Trail Hawks though in the past, we’ve had everything from Uni-Mogs to an actual fire truck. Some of the rigs were right off the showroom floor and even had the new car smell! As the students lined up in the morning, the club inspected their vehicles and showed the students how to air down their tires and luckily the weather cooperated, and everyone was nice and dry, for now.
After the class instruction, the students with their trail leads headed out on the trail to test their new skills on the various obstacles within Hollister Hills. The trail ride started off with great weather but as the day progressed, it started to rain hard which makes wheeling very difficult, especially at Hollister as the wetter it gets, the slicker it gets. By the end of the day, the students were a bit muddy and wet, but a warm tri-tip dinner warmed everyone up.


Todd Ockert

They have been doing this for a while. It is great if you have an area like Hollister that you can utilize for this. The MetalCloak Skillz Day is another great one also.
I am not sure what they use for their instruction manual, though I am sure they might share if asked if wanted to do something like this your way.



Jeep Newb
Hiya Todd
We have a power point presentation that we use as part of the in-class instruction and I'll see if I can get a copy of that to share. The club has also done "private and condensed" clinics for groups like Fire Fighters etc. at Hollister.