Engine cleaning


Jeep Owner
There was a post on the FB MetalCloak Owners Group about how to clean an engine. I’m getting ready for a trip later this month, and part of my to-do list was to clean my K&N filter and replace the battery. Since I was already in a cleaning mood, I thought I would follow the engine cleaning process from one of the videos posted. I was wary of using a power washer. I don’t want any electric gremlins before a trip

Took me about 2 hours to do it all.

Here’s what I did
- Disconnected and removed battery. I was replacing it.
- Pull air cleaner and clean it out.
- Stuff some shopping bags in the air cleaner hole and wrap some around key electric
- throw a tarp on the engine
- Use a microfiber cloth and spray bottle of dish soap and water. Clean the inside of hood and wipe it off
- pull the tarp.
- use paint brush and Harley wheel brush to loosen dirt. Suck it up with wet/dry vac at same time. This got it pretty clean
- I used my Power Tank to blow off more dirt
- use the microfiber and soap solution to clean everything
- Dry and use the Power Tank to blow out hard to reach spots
- reinstall the cleaned engine cover and wipe with a wee bit of McGuires tire on a towel
- Reconnect battery. Be amazed that radio stations are still saved.
- Have a beer and admire the work.

I’ve added some before/after pics.