CO2 or Air Compressor?


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I got tired of my power tank taking up much needed room in my TJ. I picked up a viair compressor


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Interesting to have this thread and not a single mention of AC/OBA conversion.

To my mind, compressed air is much more important than AC, so I did the conversion. One of the best mods ever.

Between the belt-driven compressor, and building a rear bumper/air tank, I can run air tools off my Jeep. Not to mention airing my 37" Toyos from 6psi to 25psi as fast as if I was in the shop.
The wife would not go for that.


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I was at a Jeep Jamboree a couple weeks ago and blew a bead and with a CO2 tank and a high flow regulator we were back on the trail in literally a minute and a half. The day before, three guys blew a bead without the CO2 tank, it took each of them a solid 5 to 10 minutes. My money is in a CO2 tank now.
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