Cheap Fix to Poor Garage Lighting


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If you have a similar garage to me, it is a 26 x 24 foot area with two bulb sockets in the ceiling. The lighting can be slightly brightened by turning on the poor lights in the garage door opener. I have gone through and added higher watt lights, LEDs and even thought about climbing in the attic and fighting the blown in insulation to add more fixtures.

After looking for some time, I finally found a cheap fix that allows for plenty of light. I purchased 4 light socket splitters from Amazon and went to Home Depot and purchased LED lights that were pre-rebate from the electric company for $1.33 each bulb. I changed from a 3,000K bulb to a 5,000K bulb to get a more "white" light. With this installed, there is a HUGE difference. I did not tell the kids what i did and both of my kids who notice nothing made a comment on how bright it is in both garages now.

Check out the video!

Here is a list of some inexpensive options:

We used a 1 to 3 splitter:
Here is a 5 pack of 1 to 2 splitters cheap:
Here is a 1 to 5 splitter:
Here is a 1 to 7 splitter:
Here is a nice adjustable 1 to 5 splitter:


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I took a slightly different approach about 3 years ago when I moved into my current house. This house has one bulb socket and the single garage bulb that is horrible and heavily shrouded.

I bought a socket to 3-way plug splitter. From the splitter I ran 2 individual 48” shop lights. For the 3rd outlet, I installed an extension cord (green) that has a triple end on it. I plugged in 2 more shop lights into that. Now I have 4 shop lights mounted in my garage that I will take with me when I move. I can simply put in the original bulb when I pack up the garage.

I went back and took it a step further as sometime I needed the light when the garage was open and it covered 2 of the shop lights. That bothered me for some reason. So, I took an old extension cord (black), cut it and installed a box and switch. I mounted the switch above the garage switch and now I can select if I want 2 lights or all 4 on. I also ran an extension cord from the end of the triple extension cord (green) to another extension that ends at the corner of my garage door (orange). That easy access outlet has run a vacuum cleaner, circular saw, grinder, drimel, even a tile saw when we remodeled our shower with no problems. If I can figure out how, I will post some pictures.

I have been running fluresent fixtures with no problems but with the price and availability of LED shop lights now, I would go that route if I had to start over.


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