Broken Bolt on brake caliper bracket


Jeep Newb
I was attempting to torque to spec the break caliper bracket bolt when it snapped at the shank. I was installing the Dynatrac big brake kit, so I had to remove the bracket. It snapped pretty far into the hole, so I am struggling for a way to get it out.

3 part question:
1. What is the best way to remove the broken bolt shank?
2. Is there an inherent weakness in these bolts from the factory I should be concerned about? This was the first wheel I got to, so I have 3 more to do still.
3. I set the to torque spec of 125lbs, and attempted to tighten. Should I have instead stepped it up in smaller increments?

Any advice will be a huge help.


Jeep Newb
sorry it has been a bit. Will throw up a resolution here. My local off-road shop (same guys that threw on my GC lift for me) actually made a house call during their lunch break. Took them less than 20 minutes to have the broken shaft out. Finished up the rest of the install, and the difference over stock is crazy.



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Nope. It was me going Hercules mode with a big 1/2 inch drive torque wrench. Stupid mistake, but we all got a learn. Sometimes the hard way.
Your right there. I got to learn how to flare a brake line about 4 times because I forgot to put the dang cap on the line first. What a moron😐