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  1. Tuley11

    Jeep JT Interest

    So now the JT is about to flood the market, who has interest in getting one? I’ve been doing minimal research but my interest has been grabbed.
  2. Tuley11

    Total Miles on your JK

    So I’m curious as to how many miles most are getting up to in their JK. I bought mine new in 2014 and currently have 175,000 miles. I do the regular maintenance and hasn’t missed a beat. How have the miles treated the rest of you?
  3. Tuley11

    No Threads Opening

    Not sure if it’s just me, but over the past few days I have not been able to get any thread to open. Each time I click a link, it pops up there is an error.
  4. Tuley11

    Merry Christmas ModernJeepers!

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  5. Tuley11

    About to buy Game Changer

    I’m buying the Game Changer this weekend. I’m going with the rock sport shocks. If I do the 3.5” with the exhaust spacer, do I need to do new drive shafts immediately or can that happen down the road?
  6. Tuley11

    Tow Rigs - Old versus New

    So I believe this will be a subjective question, but what is everyone’s thoughts on having an old versus new tow rig? I use a ‘95 F250 with 0 issues for my needs.
  7. Tuley11

    Hello from east Texas

    Hello! Long time Jeeper from the Tyler, TX area. Currently driving a 14 JK and ready to redo the lift.
  8. Tuley11

    DJ - Willys

    I have a ‘53 Distributor Jeep. Not a whole lot of info out there on these and was curious to see if anyone may have some good resources. The Jeep still has the GoDevil motor in place, not running. I have all parts and pieces but not even sure where to start. A little background on why I’m...