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  1. Tuley11

    Moab 2019

    Last photo of your JKU looks awesome! Hope I can make a trip to Moab one day!
  2. Tuley11

    Renault + Jeep, back together after 30 Years?

    Pretty cool that a new plant will be coming to Detroit.
  3. Tuley11

    Maximus Gladiator

    Anyone have 200k they let me have ?
  4. Tuley11

    Maximus Gladiator

  5. Tuley11

    Jeep JT Interest

    I’d like to see the bugs all show themselves as well. I wonder if that diesel will make its way into the JT.
  6. Tuley11

    Jeep JT Interest

    So now the JT is about to flood the market, who has interest in getting one? I’ve been doing minimal research but my interest has been grabbed.
  7. Tuley11

    2014 JK Battery Issues

    I have a ‘14 and have had this issue. Make sure the connectors are attached to the battery posts good. Then I would go get the battery tested. Both times I’ve had this happen, it was a bad (going bad) battery.
  8. Tuley11

    Our Image and the Bad Guys

    Best thing I believe that could be done is to quickly explain that what they are doing is going to harm the overall off-roading community. I know that some folks will be hostile regardless but if they are willing to listen, maybe they will be willing to learn something.
  9. Tuley11

    NorCal Rock Races

    Those are great photos!
  10. Tuley11

    Jeep Badge of Honor program

    I know I’ve forgotten almost every time we run trails. I remembered when we did black bear at least!
  11. Tuley11

    New from southern Nevada

    Hello there!
  12. Tuley11

    New from SoCal

  13. Tuley11

    Curious as to Where You Learn about Jeeps and Jeeping

    I primarily utilize the forums to learn more about builds, products and trail info. I had joined a local DFW club that became a major drama fest which ended up defeating the whole purpose of joining. I wanted my wife to understand why I get so ramped up about the off-road community but instead...
  14. Tuley11

    Overland Towable RV

    Those look great! Where are they sold?
  15. Tuley11

    Hello from Ohio

  16. Tuley11

    Hello from NorCal

  17. Tuley11

    ATF to Investigate Second Fire at Off Road Warehouse

    If it’s arson, I hope they catch the p.o.s. who did it.
  18. Tuley11

    Ford Dealers: 2021 Bronco Will Get Removable Doors and Roof, Two Different Lengths

    Curious to see what the final product looks like