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  1. Pthorpe84

    Nissan Builds Ultimate Parks Titan For National Park Foundation

    Following its budget-oriented Destination Frontier build, Nissan will debut the Ultimate Parks Titan this weekend at Overland Expo West. As the third vehicle built for the company’s charity partners, the Nissan Ultimate Parks Titan is custom-built for the National Park Foundation—following the...
  2. Pthorpe84

    Nissan Brings Budget-Friendly Destination Frontier Concept to Overland Adventure West

    Nissan says hobbies don’t have to cost a fortune, and it’s backing up that claim with the Destination Frontier concept making its debut this weekend at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Destination Frontier, which was built for less than $40,000, shows that it’s possible to get into...
  3. Pthorpe84

    Moab 2019

    Hotels be super fricking expensive homie!
  4. Pthorpe84

    SPIED: 2020 Nissan Titan With Unusual Sensors Up Front

    It’s no secret we’re fans of the Nissan Titan, as we’ve logged thousands of miles in various examples of the fullsize truck family since it was reintroduced in 2016. However, even when it was brand new, the Titan and Titan XD were lagging behind their competitors in a few key ways. Foremost, the...
  5. Pthorpe84

    JK Rollover and Recovery

    9:54....cracks me up. “Ahhhh F___!” I really can’t believe there wasn’t more damage. You guys did an amazing job getting her back on all four.
  6. Pthorpe84

    Our Image and the Bad Guys

    I believe you try to have a conversation with them about it. Depending on they respond will dictate if you keep it civil or go full redneck on their azz! Regardless, no one will get better about things unless someone says something to them about it. I am also not opposed to calling the law if...
  7. Pthorpe84

    EVAP canister relocation

    Finally got mine installed and then reinstalled with a new to me canister. After 3 years....NO MORE LIGHTS ON THE DASH!!!🤘
  8. Pthorpe84

    Aftermarket cage and softtop

    Could you just take measurements and send to Bestop for a custom top. I would think it would be fairly close to stock with a few minor mods
  9. Pthorpe84

    Off Road Radio

    What antenna did you go with?
  10. Pthorpe84

    Moab 2019

    9 days till we leave and still don’t have a place to stay:rolleyes:.....looks like we will be doing some camping again.
  11. Pthorpe84

    Off Road Radio

    What radio set ups are you all running? I only have a CB right now and want to move to a Rugged Radio type set up. Not sure which one is the right setup for a jk or if there is something better. Let me know your thoughts. Pros and cons.
  12. Pthorpe84

    Polaris Donates Vehicles to Team Rubicon Flood Relief Efforts Following Winter Storm Ulmer

    Winter Storm Ulmer unleashed its fury on the West Plains on March 11, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. Ulmer was a bomb cyclone that included blizzard conditions, blowing snow, high winds, and flooding. The storm stretched from Colorado to North Dakota. Following Ulmer, there was...
  13. Pthorpe84

    RPM: 4x4 And Auto News And Rumors

    1. Photography: Jeffery Sauger/GM That’s Interesting The new marketing campaign for Jeep: “Legends aren’t born, they’re made.” Jeep said it’s been about 9 years since launching its last “defining campaign,” which we define as a campaign we doubt you remember—this little ditty: “The things we...
  14. Pthorpe84

    SPIED: Updated 2021 Ford F-150

    Ford will likely update the F-150 pickup for 2021, giving it slight exterior alterations but significant updates elsewhere. Spotted in suburban Detroit today, the 2021 Ford F-150 is already out and about undergoing product testing. Nip/Tuck Technic While exterior alterations look to be kept to a...
  15. Pthorpe84

    The "Back Burner" Projects

    So in other words you have $h!t ton of work to do! 😂
  16. Pthorpe84

    NorCal Rock Races

    That is the racing I love to watch. Very much like going to the local dirt track. Much more laid back atmosphere and you get to see some incredible racing. Don't them kids fool you either...those guys have zero fear and want to beat each other at every turn.
  17. Pthorpe84

    The "Back Burner" Projects

    Pretty awesome to see some of the other projects that ModernJeepers are doing. Absolutely love American Muscle. What are your plans for this Cougar?
  18. Pthorpe84

    NorCal Rock Races

    Pretty amazing pictures! Where any of the big boys there or is this more of the local speedway type of get together?
  19. Pthorpe84

    New DuroBump from Metalcloak !

    Shipping will be minimal. The box may have weighed two pounds. Foam/rubber is light lol.
  20. Pthorpe84

    Off-Road Community Comes Together to Help Soldier

    United States Army Corporal James Wesley Trent had just returned from a yearlong tour of duty in the Middle East when he had his customized gold-hued Ford F-250 stolen. More...