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  1. orange01z28

    Ask The Expert- Tell me why I should get 37" Patagonias as opposed to 38" Patagonias

    I have about 40k miles on my current 35" tires from another brand, so by the end of summer when my gears get here and installed I'll be ready for new tires. I'm going to buy Milestar Patagonia MTs regardless, that decision is done, but I'm not really seeing why I shouldn't spend the little bit...
  2. orange01z28

    Door Cart Ideas

    There's a ton of different ideas to either DIY or buy a door cart for when you take the doors off the Jeep, but what have you guys done? This one looks like a good, cheap idea to me but I'm worried about it being flimsy On the other...
  3. orange01z28

    Hello from AZ

    I’ve listened to the podcast for awhile but joined after I heard about the contest I have a 2020 Gladiator and live In Arizona