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  1. Pthorpe84

    Your favorite Jeep picts

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    Welcome back!
  3. Pthorpe84

    Road Legal 4WD Association Events | Wisconsin

    Post up a list of rides and some photos! Great to hear y’all are still riding.
  4. Pthorpe84

    Jeep jamboree usa

    I haven’t done the jamborees. They are huge here in Tennessee but never attended. What part of the US are you located?
  5. Pthorpe84

    New member intro.

    Yes it is a annual event that has two trips in the spring and two in the fall. You can register at Hands down best trip I have ever been on.
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    New member intro.

    Welcome. You have got to go on the ModernJeeper Adventure to Death Valley. If you are into overlanding, you will be in heaven. Best trip I have ever been on
  7. Pthorpe84

    Sway Bar Options

    Looked at those. They are interesting
  8. Pthorpe84

    2022 King of the Hammers Tickets now on sale

    Wish I lived closer. The race is a bucket list item for me
  9. Pthorpe84

    bumper gift

    Good luck. Shipping is super slow right now
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    New Member

    Welcome! Did you do the install yourself?
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    Metalcloak driveshaft question

    If it makes you feel better I had front and rear driveshafts from Metalcloak with 3.5 game changer. Never had an issue with them at all. Would definitely buy them again.
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    new member

    Welcome!! P
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    New Jeeper from Northern California

    Welcome to the forum. Post up some pics of your rig!
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    new member here - from Oregon!

    Welcome to the forum! Got any photos of your rig you can share?
  15. Pthorpe84

    Josh Blyler wins the Ultra4 Tear Down in Tennessee

    I thought that was a bit of drive for you. That park is only 2 hours from me. One of my favorite spots to wheel.
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    Rig looks great. Can you tell us about your build? What are your plans?
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    new member

    Welcome. Tell us about your rig
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    Phase #1 completed on the Jalopy JKUR

    How do you like that tailgate table? Made well? Easy to install? Looking to get one.
  19. Pthorpe84

    WTB: Fender Flares

    There is nothing wrong with their flares if you like that style. I would lean more towards a steel or aluminum flare. To me you get more durability with an alloy. I have seen guys rub trees on the trail with the bushwacker style flares and they are permanently creased.