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    Phase #1 completed on the Jalopy JKUR

    and it's done, for now. New hubs, new ball joints and rebuilt drag link with the knuckle properly reamed (another shop did the install and they messed that up. Now all set up for KOH
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    Naming Your Jeep... or not?

    Mine is called the Jalopy
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    2022 "I Resolve to Jeep" Metalcloak Giveaway

    Andy Cardenas In 2022 I resolve to Jeep with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need:
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    Your favorite Jeep picts

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    Icon Tire Carrier install

    Here's the finished product: Overall, I'm pretty happy with the tire carrier. Install took a couple of hours, no issues and on the upside, it works with my 3rd brake light and CB antennae mount. Also, it's great if you don't want to run a spare as you can use the tire carrier as a mount...
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    Icon Tire Carrier install

    Hi all, well a couple of months ago, I got rear ended and it bent my old CrawlerConceptz tire carrier a bit, so the insurance paid it off and I decided to go with the Icon Body Mount version (they are physically both the same as Icon bought out CrawlerConceptz) since I like how the tire carrier...
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    New Member

    Welcome to the site!
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    bumper gift

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    new member

    Welcome to the site!
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    New Member

    Welcome to the site!
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    2022 King of the Hammers Tickets now on sale

    yep that's right, if you're planning to go to the upcoming, 2022 King of the hammers, then you can head over to their website and get tickets now at USAC Racing General admission is $40. I'll be heading down there again this year and if you've haven't been to a KOH, it's a lot of fun.
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    Metalcloak driveshaft question

    heya, not really sure but I ran into something similar with my 3 inch lift when I purchased my front drive shaft. They didn't ask for length and I got something similar to stock, I believe. That being said, I haven't had any issues with it and I've had it for 6-7 years
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    Phase #1 completed on the Jalopy JKUR

    And finally, some additional upgrades that should be "it" for a while. No pics of it but I re-geared to 4:56 gears and it's a huge improvement from the stock 4:10's (currently running a 35 inch tire but may go to a 37, not 100% sure yet though). The stuff that I did get some photos of are a...
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    Esprit de Four Newbie Run Oct. 16

    We then made our way over to a small rock garden and then to the Ravine:
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    Esprit de Four Newbie Run Oct. 16

    even more: We then headed over to McCrazy Rd with another obstacle course:
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    Esprit de Four Newbie Run Oct. 16

    Playing around on the new obstacle course:
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    Esprit de Four Newbie Run Oct. 16

    Hey all thought I'd post up some of the photos from our club's Newbie run that happened last weekend at Hollister OHV It was a blast as the weather was a toasty 82 degrees, clear skies (we really lucked out as it rained the next day) and we had a total of 18 rigs join us for this run. This...
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    new member here - from Oregon!

    Heya, welcome to the site!
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    Detailing your vehicle

    I really don't detail my rig at all since all the dust I remove will eventually come back after being on the trail. the only thing I might detail are the plastic windows to try to get an surface scratches off to keep them clear