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  1. JeepnDel

    Don't Be Afraid -- Give That Speech! Here's how...

    Whether it's the Boy Scouts, your church, landuse, Lion's club or a campfire with friends, saying something out loud, or giving a speech is frightening for many of us. Here's my take on making it easier and less fearful based on about 3000 speeches I've given...
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    Jeep Articles on More of...

    What do you enjoy most about ModernJeeper (magazine, online) and what would you like to see more of? 1) Industry News; 2) Land Use; 3) Product Reviews: 4) Tech Tips; 5) Gallery Pics (just pics of Jeeps in action); 6) Jeeping Lifestyle and travel blogs; 7) Podcasts; or what? We're always trying...
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    22 Years Building a TJ

    The bumps and bruises of 22 years worth of building my TJ Wrangler. Part 1. The follow up Part 2 is coming next week.
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    How to Run Better Meetings

    I know of no one that likes meetings. But in the Jeeping and land use world, meetings are part of the game -- clubs, groups, associations, etc. I have a secret formula to offer up to make meetings more productive and even bearable:
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    Labor Day is More than a BBQ

    Happy Labor Day. I hope you will take a minute to reflect on the great men and women who built this incredible country. People who built the railroads, pioneered amazing inventions for American life, and yes, miners and loggers, without whom we would not have much.
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    Finding Gold in Volunteers

    To save trails and keep jeeping alive, figure out where you fit and Be the Gold. Volunteers are the gold of any club, organization, non profit, church, whatever...commit. Volunteer.
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    Forum/Thread Space for Clubs and Organizations

    If you would like to use ModernJeeper forum (here) free for your club, group, organization or event to have a place to chat, plan, kick around club stuff, just drop the moderators or me a note and we'll set you up.
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    Welcome and Notes

    We created this (free) space for your club to discuss, plan activities, keep records (searchable) or however you'd like to use it.
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    Welcome and Notes

    We created this forum to help the North American Motorized Recreation Council post notes and discussions (for the record, or just informally).
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    Our Image and the Bad Guys

    So what do you think we should do when we encounter bad guys doing bad things on our trails -- even if they act innocent and claim they don't know the rules; or say they're not hurting anything by being off trail?
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    Curious as to Where You Learn about Jeeps and Jeeping

    So many folks these days are a little new to jeeping and seem to be more virtual rather than club joiners and such. Meaning, a lot of what is learned seems to be online, like here (which is not bad). But joining clubs and going on local runs is not as popular as it once was. HOW do you learn...
  12. JeepnDel

    Land Use Legal Term -- Court Intervening

    I hope you are reading (6 days a week) our magazine, but just in case you missed this land use update -- what does it mean to intervene in a court case, rather than file your own court case? Del
  13. JeepnDel

    What's Your Jeep Cockpit Look Like?

    I think my Jeep is more like an airplane cockpit. Yours?
  14. JeepnDel

    How Land Use is Like a Gazbo

    Head on over to ModernJeeper magazine and read Kurt Schneider's piece on how losing trails can be compared to the town gazebo. Here.
  15. JeepnDel

    60's and 40's for Christmas?

    If you are one of those dreaming of Dana 60's pushing 40's down the road, tell us why you want to go that big, and on what rig you would do this combo?
  16. JeepnDel

    Need Pics; Christmas, Jeeps and ModernJeepers

    We want to do some sort of tribute at to Christmas with Jeeps -- in parades, with decoration lights and holiday spirit. Not sure yet what that will look like, but your ideas are welcomed. AND, if you have a great hi-res image of your jeep decorated or in a Christmas parade...
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    SEMA Show 2018 Jeep Highlights and More

    Join us in posting your best and favorite builds and Jeep pics from the 2018 SEMA show right here. ModernJeeper will be there looking for those eye catching, jaw dropping and fun builds, parts and new accessories. You can follow along here and join in if you attend SEMA. Here is our pre-show...
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    4 Ways to Remember 9-11

    ModernJeeper offers up 4 simple things we can all do to remember this day. Never Forget right here.
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    Chevy Gives Birth to Bison; Taking on the Raptor

    Chevrolet is bring the Colorado ZR2 Bison to market...their answer to the Raptor from Ford. It's a partnership with AEV. wow. Read the press release here.
  20. JeepnDel

    Why Utah ModernJeepers are Smiling -- National Monuments

    Note from ModernJeeper Staff:* For years we have wheeled and enjoyed southern Utah, long before these Monuments.* Creeping along the "Escalante" brought countless hours of enjoyment for many of our jeepers, with endless opportunities for camping, exploring, hiking and jeeping. Red rock abounds...