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    ED4 June's Rigs & Coffee

    Hi all, we’ve selected Stan’s Donut Shop and plan on meeting at the usual time at 8AM. Our last month’s meet was nice because it we managed to choose a spot that was large enough to where two other groups also had their meets (Classic Muscle Cars, High-End exotics). Please plan on meet us at...
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    ED4 Adopt a Trail

    This past weekend was the Esprit de Four Adopt a Trail where we as a club, working with the local BLM, go out to clear any fallen trees along the Mattely Loop & Corral Hallow trails and this year it was tough. The club was able to clear out roughly 40 fallen trees on both trails but there were...
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    Phase #1 completed on the Jalopy JKUR

    yep, finally started to get a bit more serious about upgrading the Jalopy to make it more dependable and better as a DD. Last month, I installed the Power brake upgrades that replaced the rotors and the pads. Today, the guys over at the 4x4 shop in Livermore installed the PSC Overland kit...
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    NorCal Rock Races Round 2 June 4th & 5th

    Hey all, this weekend at 95Speedway in Fernley, NV is where you can spend an afternoon and watch round 2 of the NorCal Rock race series. It's a short course track with UTVs, 4800s, stock class, and the big boys, the 4400 class. The views of the race are great, and you can pull up in your...
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    Jeep& Coffee (Toyotas & Unimogs are welcome too) Sat May 22 @ 8am

    Time for a meet and greet so we're going to have a quick get-together this weekend to augment our monthly zoom meetings where we don't get to hang out in the parking lot. We'll be in the parking lot outside the Bass Pro Shop. There is a Starbucks in the same parking lot as well as a Total Wine &...
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    Team of the Week: #4898 Arturo Soria

    Hey all, with racing season starting to pick up, I figured I start a thread that showcased some of the racers and their teams that race in either the Ultra4 races or the NorCal Rock Races. Nothing to in depth, but to showcase some of the people and rigs that are helping to innovate our sport...
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    Responses needed for Moab

    IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED TO SAVE HUGE SWATH OF MOAB TRAILS The BLM is initiating an Environmental Assessment (EA) to analyze motorized access in the Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges area in Moab. The area under study is 304,000 acres west of HWY 191 from Moab to I-70. OHV trails potentially...
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    Sequence from the NorCal Rock Races Wild West Shootout

    hi all last weekend was the Wild West Shootout at 95A Speedway. It was a great race and here's one of the best sequences I got that day
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    New windows, never thought I needed to see..

    Thanks! yeah for the first day or so, it threw me off and it felt like there were no windows when I was looking at it in the morning on the way to work
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    Newb from GA

    Welcome to the site!
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    New windows, never thought I needed to see..

    yeah, it's nothing in terms of install or anything like that but having 2 half door windows that I can see out out of, yeah that kind of helps when I want to drive around. These are direct replacements from Mopar and used a 30% coupon on them (Mopar send these out every once in a while) I knew...
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    King of the Hammers 2021

    If you are able to make it out next year, you'd have an open invite to camp with our group. We have it all set up with meals, where to go, etc. and most of us are there from Sat to Sat
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    Rear Hoop Flip Step

    These are pretty well thought out with some great photos, keep up the great work!
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    Anybody ??

    The club I belong to (Esprit de Four) has a Mojave Road run every Thanksgiving
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    King of the Hammers 2021

    Thanks man! I'm thinking next year it's going to be super crazy/fun. It'd be cool to have a ModernJeeper meet up there next year.
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    Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Brake kit for my JK

    that's the plan down the road, plus a lot of places that I checked all had the brake booster on back order. I'm hoping to upgrade to that once I get a new front axle but the next mod that I'm looking at is the PSC Big bore steering box.
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    heya! welcome to the site
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    Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Brake kit for my JK

    Hey all Nothing too crazy but over the weekend, I was able to install the Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Brake Kit for the Jeep JK. I was going to do a full install write up but I forgot to take before and after photos, also, there's tons of write ups already on how to install this...
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    JK steering upgrades

    well, I'm finally getting around to doing some upgrades to the Jalopy and I'm trying to do some research right now with upgrading the steering. I'm looking at the PSC Big Bore Overland kit for my rig that's on 35's and will be seeing more daily driving action in the upcoming months. The...
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    ED4 May Clinic now open

    Hi all, the ED4 Safety Clinic is open for registration for May. If you're new to off-roading and want to learn about the how's, why's and what's of being on the trail, then this is for you. Here's the link to sign up: ED4 May Clinic