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  1. RhuntMT

    Ask The Expert- Steering - Does not return to center

    Hello! Hopefully I can get some direction here. Backstory - I recently installed the Metal Cloak (MC) 3.5" Game Changer lift. After the install I drove it around (local neighborhood) as I knew it would still need an alignment to be finished with the install, but I noticed some wandering and...
  2. RhuntMT

    Funny shirt!

    My wife bought it for me, thought I would share.
  3. RhuntMT

    Hello fellow JK'ers!

    I have a 2011 JKU Rubicon. I finally had the opportunity to get a lift installed. I have owned 3 other Jeep Wranglers so its in my blood now. My current build is in my sig.
  4. RhuntMT

    My JKU Build

    Its what I have so far.
  5. RhuntMT


    Just joined the forum as I recently purchased a 3.5" MetalClock Game Changer with the Fox shocks. I figured I should say hello!