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  1. 87FoRunner

    Toyo Open Country A/T III: How’s It Do Off-Road?

    This look a lot like the Falkens on my dually. I imagine they are a superior tire though.
  2. 87FoRunner

    Broken Bolt on brake caliper bracket

    Can you post pics?
  3. 87FoRunner

    Colorado: August 31-Sep 4

    So, our Moab in May trip has been postponed 360somethingdays. So to make up for it, we are taking a trip to Ouray CO the week before Labor Day. We plan on hitting Black Bear, Imogene, Engineer, etc. If anyone is interested, I can post more details. The forum seems slow, and I can share the...
  4. 87FoRunner

    Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger

    Another vote for RPM in Alabama. I have not had good luck with the locals and superchargers.
  5. 87FoRunner

    Adventure in Arkansas: Exploring the Natural State

    It’s been some years since I’ve overlanded in the ozarks. Every time I get a trip together for Arkansas a something happens.
  6. 87FoRunner


    May I ask why you ended up with a Dana 50 over a 60 or 44?
  7. 87FoRunner

    Jeep JT Interest

    I think a Ram version would be cool as a traditional truck body but the underpinnings of the JT. Revamp the Dakota. I’d love a bare bones diesel JT as a daily. Soft top and crank windows please. The only options I want are Bluetooth and backup cam.
  8. 87FoRunner

    Moab 2019

    I just booked 2020 at Moab Rim RV campark again. Maybe give them a ring ask they are very nice and well priced.
  9. 87FoRunner

    New DuroBump from Metalcloak !

    Bump. Next free shipping promo I want to get some.
  10. 87FoRunner

    Difficulty Swapping JK Axles

    Should be no different than a lift install. I always bolt the lowers then raise the pumpkin with a floor jack and monkey hump the axle around to get the uppers to bolt in, after that it’s gravy.
  11. 87FoRunner

    Moab 2019

    I wish :/ saving my pennies for Rubicon 2020 still. You better come!
  12. 87FoRunner


    You may want to contact AA directly as they build them in batches new. It is an intricate device and I advise buying new.
  13. 87FoRunner

    Ask The Expert- All geared up! What would you do?

    4.88 is only 7 percent deeper. I would go with 4.88
  14. 87FoRunner

    We discovered a new trail!

    Looked like a cool time. There are a lot of hills like that out east here. Hence the need for rock bouncers lol
  15. 87FoRunner

    Locker preference

    I’ve been running a 35 spline Arb for years with no issues. I plan on upgrading housings to ensure/insure that streak.
  16. 87FoRunner

    Ball Joint Press - Rental Tools

    You’ll cuss your eyes out. Honestly for some reason, JK ball joints are the devil. I’ve done several sets and the best advice I can give is... Weld your C-Gussets on 5 minutes before you set your press up, then heckle someone into borrowing their Snap on Ball Joint press. ($800). I’ve made it...
  17. 87FoRunner

    New article on ModernJeeper about Overlanding

    We should overland and bring a projector with T1 and T2. Nothing like hiding in the woods and watching an action packed documentary about the machines coming to kill us.
  18. 87FoRunner

    New article on ModernJeeper about Overlanding

    I’m trying to put a ride together in your area. I might camp in your driveway to start the trip :)
  19. 87FoRunner

    Locker preference

    How do you like the Core 44 and are you running the Rubicon model?
  20. 87FoRunner

    Diesel option now available for JL Wrangler?

    There’s talks of the early models cam sprockets not being machined and pressed properly, thus walking off and causing catastrophic failure. But, with the light duty loads a Wrangler will see, on top of having a lot more practice building the engine, we may have a great engine on our hands.