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  1. Pthorpe84

    2021 Ram 1500 TRX VIN #001 Heads to the Barrett-Jackson Auction Block

    Ram wasted no time pushing its quickest, fastest, and most powerful off-road muscle pickup truck though its production line. The first 702-hp tire-demolishing 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition truck exited the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in December 2020. We know that all 702 (celebrating the...
  2. Pthorpe84

    Kalaber Jeep J1: First 4-Door Jeep Ever Built?

    As far as buying from the dealership is concerned, the JK Wrangler was the first four-door Wrangler available for sale in the 2007 model year. However, that hasn’t stopped folks from crafting their own Jeeps with more doors than were available from the factory. Enter Mark Tetreau. Gallery of...
  3. Pthorpe84

    2 inch Rock Krawler X Factor Suspension lift

    I forgot you have a TJ. So yes that makes sense. You will be happy with their lift kit. I have their rod ends for my steering set up and like them.
  4. Pthorpe84

    2 inch Rock Krawler X Factor Suspension lift

    Hey Taylor, no I have not had that particular lift but can tell you they make a solid lift. Since your planning on not doing any rock crawling, you might want to consider the MetalCloak system as it has vibration dampening joints that require no maintenance. Something that will greatly...
  5. Pthorpe84

    2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    Yeah I don’t think I even have those photos anymore. I was updating it as live as I could that year. Stinks. Wish I could find them.
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    Kenda Karrier Loadstar Radial Trailer Tire Review

    Trailer tires are definitely the unsung heroes of the tire world. They are not as glamorous as a nice road tire or as sexy as an extra-large mud terrain. But they are truly among the hardest-working tires a person can own. Trailer tires are often neglected, overlooked, abused, and overloaded...
  7. Pthorpe84

    What's the Cheapest New Wrangler?

    Jeeps are obscenely popular. It seems like everyone and their sister has—or wants—a newish JK Wrangler, a newer JL Wrangler, or a JT Gladiator. We’ve driven these vehicles, and we understand the draw, but what are you getting for your money… especially when you opt for the high-end models with...
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    Decked Unveils its Tool Box: The Truck Show Podcast, Episode 157

    On This Week’s Podcast: Jonny Lieberman Unveiling the new Decked tool box Never one to shy away from gracing our podcast (or any others) with his knowledge and opinion, automotive personality and journalist Jonny Lieberman returns to shed light on Toyota’s decision to cancel the Land Cruiser in...
  9. Pthorpe84

    First Ride: 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR With Smart-Shox

    Introduced in mid-2020, the 2021 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR with Smart-Shox technology is not only a mouthful but also Can-Am’s newest top-of-the-line side-by-side. When the kind folks at Can-Am reached out and asked if we’d like to spend some quality time with one of these awesome...
  10. Pthorpe84

    Getting to Know Top Gear America Host Rob Corddry

    Top Gear America host Rob Corddry may be best known for his comedy and acting, but his car enthusiasm runs far beyond driving the latest exotics on the HBO hit show Ballers. “In my experiences with cars at a young age,” Corddry said, “I made a choice to not get all bogged down in the More...
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    2021 Ram 1500 TRX, Now With More Supercharger and More Hennessey Delivers 1,012 HP!

    We’re stoked to see that Hennessey—creator of various Goliath, VelociRaptor, Mammoth, and Maximus mega-powerful truck builds—has gotten around to fiddling with the Ram 1500 TRX. You see, Four Wheeler’s 2021 Pickup Truck of the Year participant is the hottest hot-rod off-road pickup truck to hit...
  12. Pthorpe84

    Grand Cherokee Overland Build: Andrew Dauscher’s Jeep Is Slick and Capable

    Looking for a reason to turn your 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee into a Jeep Grand Cherokee overland machine? Here it is, and it was built by Andrew Dauscher over a period of three years. Why Is This Grand Cherokee Cool? Perimeter LED lighting Did you see the Warn winch in the front? We didn’t think...
  13. Pthorpe84

    Don’t Call It a Remake! Why Top Gear America Stands On Its Own

    MotorTrend is the number one automotive media destination in the world for a reason: We know what we’re doing. You already know that, you’ve trusted us and other brands in the MotorTrend family—like HOT ROD, Four Wheeler, and Roadkill—for more than 70 years. You’ve also trusted Dax Shepard, Rob...
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    My JT “Beast”

    That thing looks great. Any upgrades to your steering get?
  15. Pthorpe84

    Howdy from Missouri!

    That is great to hear. Got to love a quality dealership...especially since it’s Ford lol
  16. Pthorpe84

    TruckHouse BCT's 2021 Toyota Tacoma Is One Luxurious Overlanding Rig

    We love big adventure rigs. After all, these vehicles subscribe to such a wonderful automotive recipe. Take something ostensibly ordinary (a 2021 Toyota Tacoma) and garnish it with something extraordinary (a miniaturized house). Cue the TruckHouse BCT: a made to order, carbon-fiber-clad, go...
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    Getting to Know Top Gear America Host Jethro Bovingdon

    Top Gear America host Jethro Bovingdon is best known to the viewers and readers of MotorTrend and Automobile for getting sideways in the most-exotic new cars. Although he’d be happy to own more than a few of them, his own collection runs a bit more classic. “I haven’t owned loads, because I’ve...
  18. Pthorpe84

    Who Wins? Sherp vs. Mega Trucks in a Mud Bog Bounty Hole

    What will win in a mud bog bounty hole? A high-horsepower mega truck or the diesel-powered Sherp ATV with just shy of 2 feet of ground clearance and 63-inch tires? We watched how the battle unfolded at Al Benesocky’s Filthy Red Neck Country Club. What Is a Sherp? Before we see whether the Sherp...
  19. Pthorpe84

    Howdy from Missouri!

    Welcome and congrats on a great find. I imagine the factory drive shafts were in need of replacement. I think my rear only last one wheeling trip after I lifted.
  20. Pthorpe84

    Favorite Shows of 2020: The Truck Show Podcast, Episode 155

    On This Week’s Podcast: 2020’s Parting Gift Enjoy 50 minutes of TSP mediocrity that you’ll never get back! The guys sneak in one last episode for the year to go over forgotten messages and talk about their favorite shows of 2020. Check Out Your Favorite Shows of 2020: Finnegan’s Six-Door Fummins...