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    Serious Testing of 1/2" Battery Operated Drills Milwaukee vs Dewalt vs Hitachi

    We did some serious testing of high-end drills that all have the same specs and found some pretty surprising differences. Check it out.
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    Project Scar To Benefit The Travis Mills Foundation

    We have a unique opportunity to give back to those who have given so much for our freedom. We are building a 2006 Jeep TJ Rubicon that will be sold to benefit the Travis Mills Foundation. This build will be chronicalled here along with on YouTube. as we move forward we will post videos and...
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    Not Your Ordinary 12-volt Tool

    Ten to fifteen years ago we saw a lot of junk 12-volt tools on the market. NiCAD tools did not give great power and sometimes the stigma of 12-volt tools not working well has stuck with them. Today, that is not true at all. Many of the 12-volt tools are smaller in size, meant to get into...
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    Battery Operated Drills

    If any of you are into battery operated drills, we did a video on a few of the new models. Bosch came out with a 36 volt that is very large and heavy. One would think it is for doing the tough work on a job site that a normal 1/2" drill could not. Turns out the specs were not up to the normal...
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    Help Us Make a Difference!

    Our shop and some of the companies we work with are going to take the time to give back to the people who serve our country and make some pretty big life sacrifices. If you have never heard of Travis Mills, he is a veteran who grew up about 20 miles from us in Vassar Michigan. He did many...
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    GIVEAWAY! Milwaukee M18 High Torque Impact Wrench

    Check out the video on how to get your name in!
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    Freaking insurance.......

    I have many vehicles insured with State Farm and I called today to insure a vehicle that is not plated. First I got the run around about not being sure we could put insurance coverage, even just storage insurance on a vehicle not plated..... next it was 50 questions about will this vehicle be...
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    Small Dewalt Mid-Torque Impact Wrench DCF894H

    If you are in the Dewalt 20 volt line and looking for a small and lightweight tool for the trail, this tool might be for you. You can also see our next project Jeep in this video.... Well, some of it. :)
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    Cheap Fix to Poor Garage Lighting

    If you have a similar garage to me, it is a 26 x 24 foot area with two bulb sockets in the ceiling. The lighting can be slightly brightened by turning on the poor lights in the garage door opener. I have gone through and added higher watt lights, LEDs and even thought about climbing in the...
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    Project Green Monster | 1971 Corvette C3 Small Block 4-Speed Build

    Well, it is no secret that we build different cars at our shop for fun. Last year we rebuilt a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 454. If you watch our tool channel, you would have seen it over and over for a year. This year we decided to take on a different project that had a bit more meaning to us...
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    Absolutely Awesome Personal Lighting from Milwaukee Tool

    I see a lot of tools each year and some stand out more than others as useful items to have with you at all times. The new Milwaukee small LED lighting with the rechargeable RedLithium USB batteries are very bright, have great features and also hold up to abuse. How does this apply to a jeeper...
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    Neighbors Test JLU

    My neighbor is doing some more testing on the new JLU with some new components they are looking at for the future. This is a factory line built JLU Sahara. The interior and some of the engine bay had testing items, so no pictures. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Good all around Impact Wrench

    If you are looking for a good home use or travel duty battery operated impact wrench, the new Ridgid 18 volt Gen5X Brushless impact wrench might be for you. You can now get battery operated impact wrenches from 150 ft lbs up to 1,400 ft lbs and this ridgid falls in the middle with 450 ft lbs of...
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    The WARN Booth at SEMA 2017

    Here is a walk around the Warn Booth at SEMA and a talk with Andy from WARN. They are really working on new front and rear bumpers and the winches are not making any big changes, yet.
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    Looking for Nice Leather or Floor Mats for your Jeep

    I have not felt leather this nice in ANY Jeep, even the high end Jeep Grand Cherokees. Coverking makes some cool items and bags for jeeps. The owner of the company is not in the video, but loves Jeeps and does a lot with them. Check this out:
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    Detailing your vehicle

    How many of you Jeep guys detail your vehicle? Here is a video with Chemical Guys from SEMA 2017.
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    Sixteen Years Ago Today - We Will Never Forget

    Many of us know where we were on this day sixteen years ago. That day changed many of our lives, some more than others. For many, this is a day of mourning. A day to reflect on what a hero is. A day when many Americans had no words for what had happened. Since then, where have we been...
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    Hurricane Jeepers

    Hoping everyone is well from the last two Hurricanes. I guess Irama is still going... Any of you Jeepers have some pics?
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    College Football Trash Talk!

    I pick the Delta house over the Omega house.
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    Ask The Expert- Bleeding the Brake Lines after Lift Install

    We have a Jeep in our shop that a local gentleman tried to install his MetalCloak lift on in his driveway. He did everything correct, except the brake bleeding. He let the lines sit and drip for a week, allowing air into the master cylender. Then he did a normal brake bleeding prodedure with...